24 Jan

Crosstown Outdoors is re-branding to "Gold Knifeworks". Please visit the new website. This one will persist for a little while before being decommissioned.


Story of a 157mm Gyuto in 154CM

20 Jan

Western-ground 157mm Gyuto in 0.100″ 154CM, G10, and micarta:

Paring knife in A2 and linen micarta

9 Jan

Standard paring knife pattern:

3.5" blade from 3/32" A2 at 600 grit
4.25" handle of maroon linen micarta with brass pins

Paring knife in 154CM

26 Dec

This is my standard paring pattern:

~3.5″ blade, ~0.100″ 154CM
Ivory-colored paper micarta over ruby red G10, stainless pins.

The pinstripe really is red. Fluorescent lights suck.

Bench knife from scrap

23 Nov

This odd piece of 0.200" thick 1084 will make a nice bench knife. This is the third piece roughly this shape, and I like this handle on it best. Unstabilized maple tends to check, but this will just live on my desk or in the shop.

Batch of A2

22 Nov

Spent the weekend cooking:

Weekend in the shop(s)

16 Nov

Spent a few hours in two different shops this weekend and made a bunch of progress on little things.

Here at RnRKT, Hans is burn-fitting a piece of wood to Rick’s pig processing knife:

A couple heat-treated pieces of 1084. One scrap knife for the bench, and one tin-sized birudashi. The grind just about got away on this one:

Sanding an outdoors knife before heat-treat: